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Saggar-fired Ceramics - A description of the process involved in this type of low temperature firing and samples of work.

1906 Men's Gymnasium Ruin - Images and video documenting a Stanford University archaeology dig on campus.

The Search For Jane's Cold Cream Jar CD-ROM 2003 - Excavation details and artifact images from an archaeology dig at Jane and Leland Stanford's Palo Alto home. The Stanfords' house was destroyed in the San Francisco Bay Area 1906 earthquake. (ISBN 0-9767542-0-7)

Picklesister Family Tree Introduction - The continuing saga of the Pigfords and the Hogues.

Recipes - Conch ceviche from Belize and Crispy catfish from the California Delta.




Pit Firing Ceramics - Storyboards describing the process of firing ceramics at low temperature in a deep hole dug into the ground.

Naives and Visionaries - Descriptions and images of environments of Baldasare, Dinsmoor, Prisbrey, Rodia, Smith, and Wernerus. Slide sets and Bottle Village video, "Reminiscing" (ISBN 0-9767542-1-5), available for purchase.

Systems of Order Project - An investigation into the role of clutter in the lives of ordinary human beings.

The Poisoning Death of Jane Lathrop Stanford - The Pearl Pickle Detective Agency provides scripts, storyboards, and continuity sketches about possible events leading up to Jane's mysterious death in Honolulu in February 1905.

Stanford Farmdig Archaeology 1995 - 2000 - Detailed information about the dig at Jane and Leland Stanfords' Palo Alto Home.

The Twib Room - Diary of Lt. J. Arthur Porter, physician, while serving with American Expeditionary Force in the Meuse-Argonne Forest area in France during WWI. FLASH maps of Argonne Forest area from Verdun to Grand Pre and Brizeaux.

Custom maps of World War I including the St. Mihiel Salient and battle areas in the Argonne Forest from 12 September to 24 October l918.


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